Readings on Human Body Segmentation

One of the essential components of the P3F framework is designed to perform human body segmentation. Human body segmentation is essential to correlate the privacy policy obtained via a certain artifact with the face of a specific person shown on the picture. Especially when it comes to pictures with a “noisy” background, or a crowd where some humans in the front cover other humans in the back of the image, precise human body segmentation is difficult to perform. The following pictures shows an example of such a scene:

Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo

Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo

To improve the body segmenter module of the P3F framework, we are currently evaluating algorithms that have been published in scientific literature. We are currently reading the following two papers and evaluating the proposed algorithms with respect to their applicability for the P3F framework:

Juang, Chia-Feng, et al. “Computer vision-based human body segmentation and posture estimation.” Systems, Man and Cybernetics, Part A: Systems and Humans, IEEE Transactions on 39.1 (2009): 119-133.:

Mori, Greg, et al. “Recovering human body configurations: Combining segmentation and recognition.” Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, 2004. CVPR 2004. Proceedings of the 2004 IEEE Computer Society Conference on. Vol. 2. IEEE, 2004.



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