A robots.txt for your face

The Daycon 9 “Hiding from Robots” presentation went exceptionally well. I also talked a little bit about our upcoming software we will present here on the blog shortly. The discussion was very fruitful and provided me with interesting details about the views on privacy in the States and some fresh ideas.

Daycon9 Dabrowski Presentation (PDF)


Let’s face it: Most countries have privacy laws to protect the citizen’s rights on his own image – but they are ineffective and unenforceable. Even the most careful photographer might not have the chance to ask all bystanders and unintentionally imaged people for their consent. The reality is, that almost no amateur photographer cares, and most professional photographer lives in constant fears of lawsuits. Maybe it is time to create a machine-readable privacy policy for everyone: a robots.txt for your own appearance, bridging the analogue gap between the pictured individual and the photographer. A method that would allow anyone who cares to know what permissions you gave for photographs of you. And court proof arguments for anyone who did not care.


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