P3F (Picture Privacy Policy Framework) started as a passive way of informing a photographer about oneself wishes on usage restriction on pictures. This concept bridged the analogue gap by unobtrusively encoding the privacy policy into the pattern of the wardrobe. However, we also explored active solutions based on user studies. Finally, our mobile phone based project graduated into a real app. We are proud to launch SnapShh…!, (Snapshot + Shhh!) our privacy mediator solution.

How does it work?

While professionals know, that they need to get permission from each pictured person, even considerate private people often do not have the possibilities to ask all people incl. bystanders for permission. Our app automates this process.


Everyone having this app installed will receive small thumbnails potentially containing him/herself and is asked about their opinion. The system works in the most privacy preserving fashion: It does not use GPS (just direct peer discovery based on WiFi Direct), it does not report back anything to a central server (it communicates Peer-to-Peer using GCM), it does not require any login or user account (not even a Google account), and thumbnails sent are of such low quality that there is hardly any useful purpose other than identifying him/herself.

Notifications are shown on screen and on smart watches. You can agree or disprove on a picture without leaving the current app. If too much picture are arriving in a short period of time, the app stops nagging you and you can use the picture list to review the photographs at any later time. The picture list shows your photos (right) with the current results from the other users, and your received thumbnails from other users in your vicinity. White entries need your attention (e.g., they not answered yet). You can change your opinion at a later time, and they will override your previous vote.


We don’t believe in compulsory DRM (Digital Rights Management). History has shown, that this simply does not work. Even a screenshot would circumvent this.

We believe, if we give a photographer the right tools for an informed decision he or she will think twice before uploading a photo to social network that someone is opposing.

The App is currently available for Android 4.0+ upwards. We are still investigating if we can perform a similar background vicinity detection on iOS as well.

The source code can be found in our Download-Section. To install the app, visit the Google Play Store.

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