Project Description


The spreading of cheap digital cameras and internet based publication platforms (e.g. blogs, social networks) led to a massive increase of published photos of unintentionally or involuntarily photographed people. These Photos also pile up additional metadata: amongst other, identification through automatic face recognition or „tagging“ on social networks. Since there is often no contact to the photographer or publisher (an analog control gap), the affected persons are often unable to exercise their legal personality rights (e.g. rights on their own picture).


Passive Pattern-based Solution

With P3F, a understandable, personal “Privacy Policy” is inconspicuously encoded in the clothing and can transport self chosen restrictions to be handled automatically on publication or indexing through search engines. Simple licenses, similar to Creative Commons, encode attributes like “Do not publish” or “Do not index”. If required the affected face can be automatically be rendered unrecognizable.

Active P2P-based Solution

Currently, apx 95% of pictures shared in social networks is shot by smart phones. We can therefore also approach this problem including smart phones and their capabilities. We created a smart phone app in the most possible privacy preserving way possible: without a central server, without GPS or other localization methods. Parties that do not know each other can have the thumbnails of currently shot pictures exchanged and give feedback on the usage of the pictures.
The app runs in background and communicates with phones nearby using WiFi-Direct. Parties exchange Google Cloud Messaging information, so that there is no need to be in vicinity of the photographer to give or reject permission on a picture.


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